My cats and my kittens are my tail kids babies; therefor I'm particular of where my kittens ends up. I do my best to make sure that the buyers can offer everything that their new family member needs; but also for the reason to strive for satisfied buyers. 

Non of my kittens ends up as lone cats or outdoor cats. The Oriental and Siamese needs a friend of their same breed. The reason for that is that they unlike most other cats are herd animals. Of course there are exceptions of cats from other breeds that also always sleeps in a pile.

Are you interested of buying a cat? I dont't have any waiting list because I want to match every kitten with the upcoming buyer. I also want to know more about you? I appreciate a personal letter where you describe your self/your family. 

Since my roots are in Sweden; I will offer delivery of the kittens to Sweden. For other foreign buyers; I don't put any of my kittens in cargo.

I'm a member of SVERAK ( the Swedish cat clubs national federation) and all cats are delivered according to their rules and with a Swedish pedigree. They also are

  1. fully vaccinated
  2. microshipped
  3. dewormed
  4. free tested from the intestinal parasites Giardia and Tritrichomonas
  5. free from fiv/felv
  6. insured for hidden defects 
  7. has a health declaration issued by a veterinarian (certificate not older than seven days)

When reserving a kitten you leave a downpayment. This is not refundable if you have any regrets. A reservation will be followed by a booking agreement.

How much does a kitten cost? The pricetag for a Oriental and Siames varies alot. The questions I would like you to ask yourself is what you get for the money? The exterior of the cat isn't everything; the health of the cat is the most important. I live by the device; why choose when you can have both? Both isn't for free. 

Buying a sick cat and bringing in diseases to your other cats will be a expensive lesson. Far more expensive then buying a cat that has all the documents in order.

  • All males are neutered before they are handed over to their new owner. 
  • I only sell females for breeding to serious and registered breeders. 

The price on my kittens varies depending if you are buying a cat for breeding or as a pet. The price will also vary depending on the exterior of the kitten.